Friday, August 15, 2008

Astrology - Astrologers

I believe in astrology, but not astrologers.

Many people consider astrology is wrong. It is just guessing and not correct. I understand their situation. Only if they see a good astrologer and get correct predictions from them, then only they will understand about astrology. Till then, they will not believe astrology.

Except my close relatives, almost nobody knew my birthday including my close friends and colleagues. If anybody asks my birthday, I simply reject and don't tell my birthday. Whenever I register in any website, and if I have to enter my birthday, I always enter one random date and not my birthday. My official birthday is different from my actual birthday. So, even if someone gets my certificates, license, or passport, still they cannot find my actual birthday. So, technically it is not possible to find out my birthday without asking any one of my relatives.

Few days back, I started chatting with one of my blog readers, Aakanksha. I did not know her before, and I started chatting with her regarding many things in my blog, and many spiritual topics. She asked my birthday and as usual I did not tell. She asked me atleast the sum of all the digits in my birthdate. I told her that, if I tell that, she will have less no.of dates, and she would be knowing my birthday with probability much more than 1/366. I don't want anybody to know my birthday with probability more than 1/366. Then, she gave me 3-4 dates for my birthday, and it is absolutely correct. She found my birthday with probability 0.25 to 0.33, which is much more than 1/366.

She is a good astrologer. She gave explanation on how she found those dates. After chatting with me for 3 days, she understood me very well. Based on that, she matched my qualities with the qualities of people of different sun signs. Similarly she matched my qualities with different groups based on numerology. she found my sun sign, and my number (sum of digits in my birth date). From sun sign, she got the probable months, and from the number, she got the probable dates, and intersected those, and she told me the 3-4 dates. (I am saying 3-4 dates and not exactly how many dates she had given me, because, I don't want to give any hint to the reader to increase the probability more than 1/366). She says it is very easy. She just needs to know about the person, and match with the qualities of the corresponding sun sign and the number. It may be easy for her, but, I never saw/heard in recent times who can tell the possible birthdays just by talking to that person.

Around a few years back, I met an astrologer Siva Sankar Rao Adigopula. He told me three predictions. He gave me one date and one incident, and that incident happened on that date. By guess work, one may predict the incident, but, not date. When he gave the second prediction, I was sure that there is not even 10% of chance to happen that incident. But, it happened in the same year which he predicted. For the third prediction, the chances were 50-50, and whatever he predicted happened.

After interacting with them, I started getting more respect for astrology. At the same time, I am not going to any astrologer for any prediction unless he or she convinces me with very good unbelievable predictions, or tell about past things that nobody knew.

By the way, my brother Rajesh Tiruveedula and the astrologer Siva Sankar Rao Adigopula developed one software for astrology. It can be downloaded from


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  2. It is Aakanksha and not Akanksha.

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  4. This sentence suddenly grabbed my attention,
    I believe in astrology, but not astrologers.

    then I read the rest of article, very nice