Thursday, August 21, 2008

Andhra Politics


After a very long time, Chiranjeevi announced his entry to politics. For the last 10 months, he has been involved in politics in background like setting up his party, coming up with the contestants etc., he did not disclose it publicly, eventhough everyone knew that he is coming to politics. He disclosed it only on the last sunday. Even now also, he has not announced the party name, symbol or manifesto. He said that, he would announce the party name and symbol on 26th August. I am not sure whether he would announce the manifesto then or not. What he told is, he would give equal importance to all classes of people, and on the next day after announcing the party, he gave so much impression that, he is going to distribute all the positions in his party to all the castes. Within three days, Mahajana party (which is for development of BCs) merged with Chiranjeevi Party.

Many people felt that, he is unnecessarily dragging everything. I agree that he is sincere and honest. But, he has not yet proven that he is talented and can really develop the state. He and his brothers always saying, social service, corruption and few other buzz words. But, he and his associates never said even one single thing about what is he going to do, or how is he going to do etc? They were doing many things which make people think that they are going to select the candidates based on the caste. If he is like this, then even if he uses the names of Abdul Kalam, still it is of no use. How can an educated person can vote for him, when he has not proven himself, not giving any information on what is he going to do, and going to use caste for selecting the candidates?

N.T.Rama Rao (NTR) has created a record by securing the power within 9 months of forming the party. Chiranjeevi may want to break his record. By concentrating on the record, he may lose the opportunity to become CM. Even if he becomes CM, still, I will not consider the win better than NTR. Because, NTR formed the government within 9 months of establishing the party, and that 9 months include everything related to the formation of the party. However, in Chiranjeevi case, the total time he spent for the party is much more than 1.5 years.

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Chandrababu was one of the good Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh in the recent time. He single handedly developed Hyderabad and IT. He started many Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh. He privatized many companies, closed the companies which cannot give any profits to the government. Eventhough opposition parties criticized him for closing/privatizing the companies, but he did in the best interest of the state. There were so many developments he had done in the state.

On the negative side, he ignored the poor people. I am not talking about the subsidies he canceled or any other scheme that he canceled where government gives something to the poor people for free. Actually, that is not bad thing. It is very good for the state. In Engineering Colleges, AP used to have free seats and payment seats. The fee for free seat was Rs.5000 per annum, and for payment seat, the fee was Rs.35000 per annum. Those who get good rank in EAMCET gets free seat. If they get very big rank, then they have to opt for payment seat. It was a very good system. Those who are poor used to try for good rank, and get the free seat. The people who are rich and do not get good rank used to take payment seat. Chandrababu canceled this system, and changed the fee to Rs.22000 for everyone. Because of this, it became difficult for poor people to study. By the way, now the fees is Rs.35000 for everyone.

Y.S.Raja Sekhar Reddy

When Y.S.RajaSekhara Reddy (YSR) became Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, I was happy that, he would take care of poor people. At that time, I wanted Chandrababu and YSR to become CMs alternatively, so that, Chandrababu takes care of development of the state, and the YSR takes care of poor people. I expected YSR to re-introduce free seats and payment seats. But, he did not introduce. Eventhough he introduced schemes like Arogyasri, it had very basic flaws. He did not do anything significant for poor people.

If anyone starts a company, it will not give the results immediately. In the same way, whatever is done by Chandrababu gave results after few years. By that time, YSR became CM, and he is boasting himself that, because of him only everything got improved.

Jayaprakash Narayana

Jayaprakash Narayana was an IAS officer, and a very sincere, honest, and talented leader. He is against reservations and corruption. He dedicated his life for good governance. He started Loksatta party last year. You can find the manifesto of loksatta at After reading his manifesto, all the educated people will vote for him only. Loksatta is also on the same lines of Paritrana.

I am going to Vote for Loksatta, and I would request everyone to vote for Loksatta for good government.

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