Friday, August 01, 2008

Computer Science and Electrical/Electronics - Which one is better?

Many students are opting for Electrical/Electronics over Computer Science. One reason for this is they think that, to become a Software Engineer, they need to know C++, Java, and .NET. They can learn those while studying Electrical/Electronics. So, they are opting for Electrical/Electronics over Computer Science. More than 90% of the students in normal colleges have this perception, and because of that they are choosing other branches.

However, this perception is not correct.

One reason for this is the low standards of education in normal Engineering Colleges. Not only the lecturers of normal colleges, even many software engineers could not give satisfactory explanation on why that perception is not correct. That's why many people are choosing Electrical/Electronics.

For example, How many software engineers felt that while writing Connection.setTransactionIsolation() requires understanding of all the Isolation levels like Read Committed, Repeatable Read, and Serializability? Unless they have the clear understanding of all these, they cannot choose the correct isolation level. They are core DBMS concepts, and are not taught in any institute which teaches Oracle, SQL Server etc. There are many concepts like this in Computer Science, which require while developing any reasonably big application.

In many colleges, they just teach the concepts, and not how it is used while writing code. It is very difficult to remember a concept for few years without understanding it's use. If the lecturers accompany the practical example for each concept, then the students will understand it better, and we get better software engineers.

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