Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Theft in City Bus

Today morning, I was waiting for auto to come to office. No auto came for a long time, but a bus came. At the entrance of the bus, there was so much rush, and at the middle, it was relatively free. Generally, I don't take bus unless I can stand comfortably. At the middle of the bus, there is enough space to stand comfortably. So, I boarded the bus. After boarding the bus, I could not move towards the middle. Nobody moved from their place, and I could not move even an inch from my place. Suddenly, I got sense of somebody touching near my pocket. Somebody was trying to take money from my pocket. Immediately, with great difficulty, I tried to catch the hand. By that time, the person had taken his hand from that place, and my money came out little bit and it was half visible. If I had delayed even by two seconds, I would have lost Rs.9000. There were three people who were very near to me, and the person removed his hand immediately, now I cannot tell who was trying to take money from my pocket, and everyone (who were standing near by me in all directions) got down at the next stage. (I am sure everyone came as a group.)

Whom should I blame for this?

The three people who were next to me?

The entire group who got down at the next stage?

The police?

The government?

I would blame the common voter for this. The major political parties think that, it is a crime to privatize or allow private services in any field. Government cannot develop any of the government companies or the services, and it does not allow private people to do that. But, the common voter votes for only the political parties which takes the state in reverse direction.

In this specific case, I have two options. Either pay Rs.5, and take the city bus, and potentially lose Rs.9000, or pay Rs.100, and take an auto, and do not lose anything. There is nothing between Rs.5 and Rs.100. Either I have to pay very less or very high. I expect some thing in between. I would like to pay Rs.20 or so, and travel by a bus and do not lose anything. Unfortunately, due to government policies, this is not possible, and many people like me are suffering. If common voter votes for a sincere, honest, and talented person, he/she would have improved the transportation, and then there will be very less no.of thefts in city bus service.

This is how we should find the root problem and solve it. The root problem of theft in a city bus is, not voting for a sincere, honest, and talented person.

I would be very happy, if everyone casts their vote for a person who can take the country/state forward.

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