Sunday, January 03, 2010

Airtel - Automatic Calls

I got an automatic call from Airtel. Generally, whenever I get an automatic call, I disconnect it immediately. But, I wanted to hear it once, and switched on speaker phone, and continued with my work. It said, "This is a pre-recorded message from Airtel. Press 1 to listen to Telugu, and Press 2 to listen to English, and Press 3 to listen to Hindi". I did not press anything. It repeated the message for 3 times, and then it got disconnected.

What I cannot understand is, why would the caller expect the receiver to press buttons? I have received many forward mails which asks to do not press any buttons if anybody calls you. I don't know what all can the caller do, if the receiver dials what he/she was asked. But, there is some fear factor, and not everyone is interested in dialing whatever the caller ask. If Airtel expects the receiver to dial, how many are going to dial? Cannot they select the language that the user selected last time while calling the customer care, or even alternate languages when they call the same number again.

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