Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NTR Murder Attempt Drama

This is taken from the book, Naa Jeevitha Prasthanam (My Life Journey) by Nadendla Bhaskara Rao.

When Telugu Desam government finished one year ruling, N.T.Rama Rao wanted to celebrate it, and they made arrangements in Lalbahadur Sastry stadium in Hyderabad.

Many VIPs including governor came to that function. Nadendla Bhaskara Rao attended that function and sat in VIP enclosure. N.T.Rama rao sat near by Nadendla. When everyone is fully immersed in listening to music, suddenly one person started shouting Indira Gandhi Jindabad and attacked N.T.Rama Rao. By that attack, Nadendla's spectacles fell, and by the time he put it back, NTR showed his thumb which is bleeding. Nadendla asked NTR to go to hospital. But, NTR did not listen to that, and went to the musician and appreciated him. Then, he went home, and Nadendla accompanied him. NTR put one lemon to that finger, and Nadendla forced him to go to a hospital. They went to NIMS hospital, and at the steps NTR pleaded Nadendla to go home, and Nadendla left. Since that day, NTR started showing everyone his thumb with lemon. He used to say that, Indira Congress people tried to kill him, but, due to god's grace, he escaped the death.

The person who tried to kill NTR was Mallela Babji and he belongs to Guntur district. NTR associates and Chandrababu wanted to put case against Nadendla, because Nadendla also belongs to Guntur district, probably he was behind this. But, they did not succeed in that. Finally, they put the case against Mallela Babji only. In the court, NTR told the judge to leave him, since he has done out of his kiddish nature.

Later on, Nadendla came to know that, Chandrababu and one more police officer, who later on became minister in Chandrababu's ministry (Vijaya Rama Rao) asked Babji to do this drama, and in return they would give a job and Rs.3 Lakh. Babji himself told this to Nadendla.

After Babji was released, he started pressuring Chandrababu for a job. Chandrababu temporarily put him as attender under Guntur district parishat chariman Sakkurti Ramaiah, and later on he was removed. After Babji lost his job, he asked Chandrababu for Rs.3 Lakh. But, he was scolded and beaten by Chandrababu and was not given money. After that, Babji called Nadendla and wanted to meet him. But, Nadendla rejected that. After few days, it came in news that, Babji suicided in Vijayawada. From the suicide note, C.I. had put case against N.T.R., Chandrababu and S.P. Before he submitted it to court, D.G.P. went to Vijayawada and torn all the case papers and suspended C.I.

All these incidents were disclosed in assembly by then M.L.A., Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga. NTR did not have any other option other than starting Justice Sreeramulu Commission.

Justice Sreeramulu enquired many witnesses including Nadendla. Nadendla told everything that he knew as it was. NTR dissatisfied with the witnesses that Justice Sreeramulu is recording, and he discontinued that committee. Justice Sreeramulu had already written the judgement that, Mallela Babji's incident was a drama. That judgement is still in the secretariat. Later on Justice Sreeramulu joined Telugu Desam Party.


  1. nadella is afraud politician 0f ap

  2. As mentioned by Nadendla, the fact that chandrababu might be behind this cannot be altogether ruled out. At the same time, Nadendla's views cannot also be completly ruled out.

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  4. Now this Chandra Babu again want to be CM.. What a shame!

  5. NT Rama Rao , Chandra Babu Naidu & K. Vijaya Rama Rao (IPS) involved in this conspiracy.

  6. CBN hand is there in killing of mallela babji. Mallela babji is NTR fan, he was able to go NTR home directly.