Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quotes From the Book 2 States by Chetan Bhagath

Anyway, I’d heard Citibank had four hundred vice-presidents to accommodate careers and egos of hundreds of new MBAs that joined every year.

Devesh, like anyone who works in HR, had never taken a real decision in his life.

When in doubt, the pretty girl is always right.

(His Parents) They’d have a problem with anyone I choose (for marriage).

(Mother of Punjabi Boy) These South Indians don't know how to control their daughters. From Hema Malini to Sridevi, all of them trying to catch Punjabi Men.

I was his trophy to be sold in the market to the highest bidder. (for marriage)

Kamala said, we should not buy anything major until you get married. We don't want duplicate items.

(One North Indian Woman says) God has given them (South Indian Girls) a brain, and nothing else.

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