Saturday, October 29, 2011

Andhra is the Reason Behind Every Bad Thing in Telangana

  • Telangana lost so much land for the industries. It is all because of Andhra people.
  • All the educational institutes are started by the Andhra People, and it did not give any scope for the Telangana people.
  • Andhra people are coming to Hyderabad and doing business here, and robbing our place.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Someone in Telangana failed in the exam. It is because, Andhra teachers intentionally failed those students.
  • Someone is suffering from fever. It is spread by the Andhra people.
  • ..
  • ..
  • and many more

Telangana people are so much aggressive in criticizing Andhra people for everything. But, they are not criticizing Andhra people for one thing, which they should.

in the initial days, the Telangana movement was sponsored by the Coastal Andhra real estate people. By bringing the Telangana movement, the real estate between Vijayawada and Guntur, and in Visakhapatnam has grown up like anything. The prices of the land and many other things have increased more than 10-20 times in just 10 years. There was direct correlation between the movement in Telangana and the prices in Coastal Andhra.

The real estate people show stars in the afternoon saying, We get Telangana in few months. After that, Andhra would get capital between Vijayawada and Guntur, where Government has 10,000 acres of land. There are only two other places in the entire Seemandhra where Government has 10,000 acres of land at one place. So, the capital would surely come here only. Once the state is separated, you cannot buy even an inch of land. So, better buy the land now itself. This way, they will show you heaven in your palm.

With the Telangana movement, Telangana people are suffering like anything, and Andhra people are using the same thing to increase the prices of everything in coastal Andhra. The beneficiaries of the Telangana movement are Andhra people. One person was saying, Andhra people are very good at doing business. Whatever may be the situation, they will do the "appropriate" business, and there is no need to worry about them. We need to worry only about the people of Telangana. Unfortunately, Telangana people are not realizing it, and they are not listening to others.


  1. Boy:
    "The beneficiaries of the Telangana movement are Andhra people"

    Who is buying the real state: Telangana or Andhra! Who is on the loosing edge? No correlation in your wordings. What kind of analysis is this?

  2. I think, to explain this, I may need another post.

    What I had in my mind while writing this was, there were many people in coastal area, who had bought land. For many many years, the land price did not increase. But, with the telangana movement, the prices increased like anything, and now, many people have significant wealth. Even if everything goes wrong, the prices may decrease little bit, but not to what it was 10 years back.

    I agree that, this post is not complete. I just intend to share the increase in real estate prices because of Telangana movement. There are other factors in the trading in Coastal andhra due to telagana movement, which have positive effect in Coastal andhra and negative effect in Telangana. The increase in the business would take care of not falling down the Real estate.

    If I get time, I will try to post more on this.