Friday, October 14, 2011

The Root Cause of the Telangana Movement

There is only one person who is the root cause of the Telangana Movement. He is Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Because of his mistakes, now Andhra Pradesh is suffering.

Had Chandrababu developed Kuppam, Chittoor or Tirupathi, instead of Hyderabad, nobody would have bothered about asking separate state. Even if Telangana people had asked, it would have been given immediately, and there would not have been any fights. [Telangana people say that, even before Hyderabad was developed, there were movements for the separate state.] It is purely Chandrababu's mistake for developing Hyderabad, eventhough, he very well knew that, there was Telangana movement in 1969. He thought, it would not come back again, because, in 1972, when Andhra people agreed for the separate state, Telangana people rejected it.

Because of Chandrababu's mistakes, now people are suffering.

Courtesy: Krishna

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