Saturday, October 08, 2011

Telangana Movement Should Continue to Get Separate Telangana

If the Telangana Movement continues the same way for the next few years, then they will definitely get Telangana with unanimous support.

Andhra people's main worry is, they do not want to lose the developed area (Hyderabad). If the Telangana movement continues in the same way, then Hyderabad becomes undeveloped. After that, Andhra people will not have any objection in separating from Telangana and Hyderabad, because, there is no gain by staying together. Since the Telangana supporters want only separate state, and absolutely nothing else, so, they can easily get separate Telangana by continuing the movement the same way. After continuing the Telangana movement for few years, even if they do not want to have a separate state, Andhra people will start Jai Andhra movement, to have separate Andhra.

For those who do not know the history, in 1969, Telangana movement came and after suppressing it, in 1972, Jai Andhra movement came. If KCR and Kodandaram continues the same way, either they will get separate Telangana or there will be Jai Andhra movement in couple of years.

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  1. Dude its not the problem with the state or Chandhra babu naidu, Its with the lack of knowledge of u about the history and AP.

    Hyderabad state is the one of the richest princely states in the world with full of gold and diamonds and many things.

    This is why they joined andhra state(one of the poorest state in India) with hyderabad state (Telangana). The money taken from hydeabad is very high when compared with the development done.Wake up know the history not just the present with which we can judge.
    It had proper schools and hospitals than now when compared in the ratios.