Sunday, October 23, 2011

Telangana 1969 - Sending Employees Back

In 1969, during the Telangana Movement, one bill was passed by the Andhra Pradesh Government. That bill says, all the employees from Andhra region, who are in Telangana would be moved back to Andhra region. All the posts in Telangana would be filled by the employees of the Telangana region only. If no suitable person is available, then the post would be kept as vacant, and will not be filled by people from Andhra region. This issue has created a big impact mainly for the teachers in the Telangana region.

Who lost by this bill?

If the teachers in schools and colleges are moved back to Andhra region, and if the corresponding posts in Telangana are kept vacant, it is a disadvantage only to the people of Telangana, and never for Andhra region. If Telangana people do not study, they only will suffer. After few years, if the people from Telangana do not get jobs (because of the lack of education), they cry on Andhra people saying, they had stolen their jobs.

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  1. It doesn't make sense to "send back" Andhra employees after Hyd is declared as capital and AP as one state.

    I hope Telangana becomes a reality, it will be an eye opener for people from all regions of AP. The premise that a separate Telangana will bring prosperity will be put to test. And Andhra and Rayalseema people will learn the lesson that they should invest where they come from and not in Hyd or some other city they are not part of. The Telugu culture Andhra had at the time of Madras state is all gone now, I would blame that on the creation of AP by those "parents".

    Hyderabad has already gone back a couple of decades in development time and I have no hopes it will catch up any sooner.