Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sharukh Khan - US Immigration

Sharukh Khan, S.M.Krishna and many others were upset because, U.S. Immigration and Customs Department detained Sharukh Khan for more than 2 hours. They were disappointed because, they are not giving enough respect to the celebrity.

Azhar Mahmood, who is a British Citizen, who was a Pakistan Citizen, was selected for IPL 2012. But, Indian Government granted Visa to visit only Delhi and Chandigarh. Why they are not allowing him to visit other cities is unknown. None of the Pakistan Citizens are allowed to play in IPL.

Is there any difference between US treatment to Indian Muslims and Indian treatment to Pakistanis? I feel, India is more harsher than US.

Pakistan Cricketers are not terrorists. They are not coming here to do just one small activity at a random place. They are coming here to play Cricket, which is going to be watched by crores of Indians. Still, Indian Government does not allow them. This is not the first time for troubling Pakistan Cricket Players. Previously also, many times, Indian Government did not give Visas on time to Pakistan Cricket Players. They gave only after many escalations.

For Pakistan, their cricket players are more important to them, than what Sharukh Khan is for Indians.

We don't respect others. But, we expect respect from others.

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  1. Totally agree with you Satish. Everyday thousands of travellers are harassed by our authorities yet it when one of our celebrity is stopped for a few hours, we raise a hue and cry. Indians harass Indians more than the Americans harassing us at their airports