Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stress in Corporate World

One surprising thing that I came to know some time back was, in one of the biggest software companies of India, every year one or two people commit suicide because of the stress. That company makes sure that, the suicide news does not come out.

Having high stress in software job is not an uncommon thing. Many software engineers are stressed out because of various reasons like pressure from manager, too much work etc. I personally know few people who met counsellors to solve their problems due to stress. Of course, not everyone goes to a counsellor or psychiatrist.

Those whoever suicided, they thought if they lose that job, there will be nothing left for them, since it is difficult to get another job due to various reasons.

One small story that I read long back,

Once a king called for a big meeting and he has shown a pond which was full of crocodiles. He announced that, if anyone can swim across the pond and come out safely, he would give either 1 crore gold coins or his daughter or half of his kingdom, depending on the interest of the person.

Suddenly one person jumps in the pond and swims across the pond at very fast speed and comes out from the other side.

The King congratulates him and asks what does he want, whether he want 1 crore gold coins or his daughter or half of his kingdom. He says, he would like to see the person who has thrown him into the pond.

Many people do not know the talent that they have. For many people, the talent would come out, only when they are in deep trouble.

Since many people are just blindly following the software and other high paid jobs, almost everyone is under-estimating other jobs. There are very good opportunities in many other areas apart from software, where one can earn more than the software field. But, the downside is, one may have to work for very less income for some time in those, and nobody is ready to take that risk.

There are many people in the software field who are very good in other areas, but, they stuck to software field for better pay. If all of them get fired from their jobs, and if they take up their interest areas, then very soon, they would reach a good position in those areas.

For those who never want to move out of the software field, and do not want to have any stress, then atleast follow two rules.

  • Have enough cash to sustain for 6 months without any job.
  • Live in such a way that, even if your salary is reduced by 15%, still, you can sustain.

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