Monday, April 02, 2012

Lok Satta Party Alliance Conditions

In 2009 elections, Lok Satta Party said, it is ready to form alliance with any party which does not distribute liquor or money. Only united BC Front party promised that, it won't distribute Liquor or money, and it formed alliance with Lok Satta Party.

I had doubts on why it is forming alliance based on not distributing money and liquor instead of the manifesto. Others had doubts on why it formed alliance with a caste based party.

It took me a long time to clear my doubts, and many people are still unaware of Lok Satta Party's stand on politics.

Almost nobody understood, when Dr.JP said, winning is not the goal. The one and only goal is to make people realize that, their future is only in their hands, and no one else's. Once people realize that, their vote is the only thing that is going to change their life, then they would automatically vote for the best candidate among the available candidates. Once, the contestants realize that, they have to do good to win in the elections, they would do good to the society.

Let's suppose, Lok Satta Party decides to distribute liquor and money. First question would be, who is going to invest in this party? If anyone invests the money, then obviously they would expect returns. For that, one has to do unfair practices and do corruption.

Let's suppose, there are few kind hearted people who are ready to donate money without expecting anything. Let's assume that, Lok Satta Party comes to the power with that money, and does good to the society. What happens in the next elections? Are they going to invest money again? How long would they invest? Once the investment stops, they would again lose.

People may say that, by showing the development, one can come back to the power, and we don't need to invest money in the next elections. If one does real development, many times, it takes a generation time for people to understand it. Till five years back, almost nobody knew the greatness of P.V.Narasimha Rao. Only, now, people are realizing. To realize the greatness of people like Vajpayee and Chandrababu etc., it may take another decade or so. Unfortunately, in India, the real development never fetched any votes, only pseudo development fetches the votes.

If we are going to win based on distributing money and Liquor, once we stop that, we would lose. After that, if a corrupted party comes to the power, the people again would suffer.

Even if Lok Satta Party is continuously winning in every election, but after some time, if corrupted leaders take in-charge and gets power, then also people would suffer.

People should have awareness that, they should not vote for the corrupted leaders. All the political parties are aligned towards what the voter wants. Right now, the voter is asking for few hundred rupees per vote. What Lok Satta Party is aiming is, making them realize that, their life is in that vote. Once the voters have that realization, all the political parties would be forced to change accordingly.

We should not give anything for free to anyone. We should only give an opportunity to them to get that. We should not give anything which they do not deserve to receive. Otherwise, it would be misused.

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