Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Want to be Better Than the Others

We want to be better than the others. We are ready to suffer with others, provided we suffer less than them. But, we never accept others to be better than us, even if it means, our situation is going to be better than the present.

If a poor person comes to a middle class person and proposes a business proposal, by which the middle class person becomes upper middle class, and the poor person becomes super rich, most of the time, the middle class person won't accept the proposal.

Whenever any industrialist wants to start a new business at a new place, many people try to stop it saying, the industrialist is going to exploit their land, people and many other things to become super rich. But, they forget that, they get the employment. Even if they are employed in the same company, everyday, they think that, the industrialist is exploiting them by paying peanuts.

Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy introduced fee reimbursement scheme for all the poor students. Eventhough, it was not implemented in correct manner, it was beneficial to all the poor students across all the castes and religions. Before that, the poor students had problems in studying courses like engineering.

Recently, one caste people started saying, YSR was against their caste. He did not do anything to their caste. Recently one M.P. of their caste started saying that, YSR has not done anything extra to their caste. The schemes like fee reimbursement are given to all the castes and not to their caste specifically. If YSR really worried about their caste, he should have given something "extra" to their caste.

I feel like, these people deserve to suffer. When YSR gave a lot which they were not getting before, still, they are not satisfied. They would be satisfied, only if they get something extra which others are not getting. Next time, if Chandrababu Naidu becomes CM, he would cancel all the fee reimbursement schemes, and gives 10% of the fee to this caste alone. Then, they would be very much satisfied. First one year, there would be shouting from everyone. After that, it becomes normal. This caste people think that, they are getting "extra", and would be very much satisfied. They deserve to be like that.

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