Friday, May 02, 2014

Election Reforms - NOTA - Mandatory Voting

Except changing from First past the post system to Proportionate system or alternate voting with single transferable vote, there is absolutely no changes required in our election system. Even NOTA (None Of The Above) is also practically of no use. It has only theoretical use.

If you are going to choose NOTA, for all the candidates, do you have one strong reason why you do not want them to be your representative? If you can tell one strong reason for everyone of them, then only you can choose NOTA. Otherwise, you should not choose NOTA. It is your responsibility to find about the candidate before you reject. I can bet that, in that case, nobody would choose NOTA. Those who are intelligent enough to find about the characteristics of all the candidates would choose the best among the worst, and they never choose NOTA.

When would a political party change their candidates? If it realizes that it cannot win the election with that candidate. Till then, it won't change. NOTA will not change the result. So, irrespective of how many ever votes the NOTA gets, there is no reason for the winning party to change its candidate.

Instead of voting for NOTA, if you vote for the best among the worst candidates available, and if majority people vote in the same way, then the best among the worst candidates would win. In that case, since the result is going to be changed, the political parties would try to put better candidate than the other parties. This is the only scenario, where there will be real change in the politics. Anything else will not have any other impact.

I have bought few stocks of few companies. Whenever the company wants to take a major decision, it asks all its shareholders to vote on their decision. I also get mails for voting. But, I never exercised till now. Because, I do not know what is good for the company. I want those who have enough knowledge to exercise their vote properly and take the company forward. Since, I do not know anything, I would like to be neutral and I will not participate in the election. If the company says, if I do not vote, then I will lose my dividend, then I will vote for some random option and that may take the company in negative direction.

I do not see any difference between an election for a company and an election for the government. If my grand mother does not know the difference between Congress and BJP, I would be more happy, if she does not vote, rather than just voting for a random party that is going to disrupt our country and effect my future. Since, I know the value of my vote and I feel, I have enough knowledge on whom to select, I travel a long distance and vote for the candidate that I prefer. If somebody does not have that knowledge, let them not vote.

We should not be forcing anyone to vote. We should be only educating them that, their vote can change their life and only their vote can change their life, and everybody should be voting for the best candidate available (and definitely not NOTA). Once they realize that, automatically we get better representatives.

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