Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why people are voting for YSRCP?

One educated fan of YSRCP told me that, from 2000-2004, the rain fall in AP is very less. In his near by village, there was severe water problem. Even drinking water was difficult to get. Every day, one tanker comes to that village, and everyone in that village fights for that water. After YSR became CM, he constructed a pipe from a distant canal/river [Since, there is nothing near by], and constructed two tankers in that village. Since then, that village did not have water problem, and there are no fightings everyday for water. Now, almost entire village votes for YSRCP.

It is very easy to say that, the village people take money and vote for corrupted people. But, if I am fighting for something everyday for 4 years, and suddenly if somebody solves that problem, why will I not vote for the person who solved that?

Eventhough YSR is very corrupted, but, he has given a lot to the people in innumerable ways. Whether it is Arogyasri, Pensions, 1 kg rice for Rs.2, Fee reimbursement for Engineering students, Lunch for students in primary schools, Free electricity, Loan waivers for farmers and so many others.

If a person who is going to die because of some severe disease, and if he is saved due to Arogyasri, will anyone in their family or close relatives would vote for somebody else?

Poor people know the value of fee reimbursement for Engineering students or 1 kg rice for Rs.2.

I heard from someone who takes child labour in their business that, after YSR started providing free lunch at schools, the children are going to schools, and nobody is coming to work in their business.

If my life is at stake, do I worry about India's economy, somebody's corruption, or India-China relationships?

I am not supporting YSR. But, I am reminded once again that, before blaming somebody, we should walk in their shoes for sometime.

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  1. Yes ysr did very good things,who is not corrupt,CBN (Chandra babu naidu )from 1acer land in 1984,now he has business and hotels in Malay Asia and Singapore,he talks like fair guy,I hope and pray jagan will win and become chief minster .