Monday, May 12, 2014

Taking Bribe for Losing when I already know I am going to lose

If I am 99.99% sure that I am going to lose (leaving 0.01% for the miracles), and if somebody offers me money for losing, and if I take it, is it corrupt or immoral?

In this specific case, most of the outsiders can predict the probability of win/lose better than the players themselves.

There is a money exchange in the name of bribe. But, it is not going to create any kind of impact whatsoever. Is it not the prerequisite of bribe, to change things in our favor? If there is absolutely no change, can we still call it as bribe?

Is the answer going to change, if I continue to say that, I am going to win and playing for win only?

I do not want to tell anyone that, I am going to lose. I have my own personal reasons for not saying that, there is a high probability that I would lose.

My plan is to take the money, and when I am playing next time, increase my winning chances from 0.01% to 10% with this money.

Media says, "Mr.X has taken a bribe for losing". Till a minute before the media announcement, I was saying, "I am playing to win".

Am I corrupt? Whose responsibility is it to check whether the bribe is going to make any difference or not?

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