Friday, May 09, 2014

Giving Money for Not Exercising Vote

I got one good suggestion for an electoral reform which can change the politics significantly.

In the EVM, there will be an option, "I do not want to exercise my vote". When anyone selects that option, they would get Rs.100 from the EVM. That vote also would be as private as any other vote. Except the total count, there would be no way of telling who all have selected that option.

In this case, those whoever thinks their vote is more valuable than Rs.100, would vote for their favorite party. Others would take the money and will not exercise their vote power. With that, only good parties would be elected. If the voters are given confidence of privacy in voting, then even if they take Rs.1000 from political parties, still, many of them would try to get Rs.100 extra by not exercising the vote.

This would involve around Rs.10,000 crore for the general elections. By any standard, this is a very small amount, if we can get a good government.

Courtesy: Rajesh Tiruveedula

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