Monday, January 07, 2008

Bhajji - Transcript of the hearing

Procter : Did you call Symonds as Monkey?

Bhajji : No,I called a monkey as Symonds.

Procter : So you did

Bhajji : (Silence)

Procter : How dare, you insulted a monkey. You are banned for 3 matches.

Bhajji : :((

Ponting& Co : !!???

Ponting : hey, Symonds. What did he say?

Symonds : What ever, he is banned. You can bat well in the next game.

Ponting : No, Kumble is also there. Ask him whether he can ban him also.

Symonds : We’ll see in the next match, if he takes your wicket, then we'll complain.

Ponting : Then ok. Come.

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