Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tata Nano

After Ratan Tata announced Tata Nano, many people gave many comments on that. These are the few comments.

we do not have enough infrastructure to support such things. Country should focus on road infrastructure first and then they should go ahead with such products. Ultimately everyone will suffer with the heavy traffic and pollution, and also I doubt on the quality of the car and who knows how much pollution will be there. At least this was not expected from TATAs.

How u get the road discipline? Imagine if all bikes changes to cars. Just imagine when you drive back home. India got huge population this wont work for us.

I wonder if Mr. Ratan Tata would be interested in travelling in Bangalore during the peak hours on weekdays for a distance of 20 Kilometers on congested and gridlocked roads during the summer time (or for any time, for that matter), and if so, how thrilled he would be by the experience. Thanks for contributing to the mess and making our cities even more polluted. I think mass rapid transit is the way to go. I do not share the enthusiasm at all.

The responses to the above comments.

Let's do the following to reduce consumption, congestion, crowding

  1. People below income level of 2 lacs per annum should not be allowed to possess a cell phone. (Reason: The lines are getting jammed)
  2. People below income level of 1 lac per annum should not be allowed to use electricity and running water (Reason: We would save more of the planet earth)
  3. Do away with Air Deccan and other low cost airlines. (Reason: Our airports are getting congested, be patriotic and use Indian Railways for travelling,).
  4. Only employees who understand the significance of urban congestion and are aware of their social responsibilities should be allowed to bring cars to office. (Reason: Why does everybody need a car, use a bicycle, it would keep you fit, my grandfather would scoff at the idea of youngsters driving cars, Huh!)
  5. Only cars priced above Rs 10 lacs allowed on roads, if you can’t afford it, travel in overcrowded buses.
  6. Only cellphones priced over Rs 10,000 allowed on phone networks- we’ll never have a network busy signal- who cares about people that can’t afford those phones- their talking must not be important.
  7. Only houses above Rs 50 lacs to be allowed to be constructed- the cheaper ones aren’t safe, spoil the skyline, are not attractive.

All those guys who said that driving a car adds pollution and own a car are hypocrites ( it doesn’t matter you are driving in India and US). Why don’t you use the public transport in US? Which is developed quite good. All our budding Environmentalist! Before telling others to not use a car. Please stop using a car, and use public transport.

Nano conforms Euro 4 standards, and in India Bharath 3 standards is enough.

It's the problem of infrastructure which the government is supposed to handle not the manufacturers," Bajaj Auto MP Rajiv Bajaj says.

"That's what drove me - a man on a two-wheeler with a child standing in front, his wife sitting behind, add to that the wet roads — a family in potential danger," Ratan Tata wrote on the company website.

This is a day that entire India looked forwarded to. Not just India. Entire auto world. There was a time, when India was known just for crazy cults and snake dancers. Few years back it changed where we could answer some phones and add two more digits for fixing Y2K. That was a time an Indian design was looked low upon and Indian made car was inferior. Wow! Looks we have come a long way when Newspapers in Japan, Germany, UK and the US were waiting anxiously for a truly Indian made car.

Nita writes that the profit margin TATA would be having on each car is wafer-thin after factoring the manufacturing cost, the retailer’s cut, etc. This genuinely seems to be a project in the interest of people to make their daily travel safer. Of course TATA does gain all the fame and limelight. But it deserves it. A big challenge accomplished and a real achievement!

One small comment that is good enough for all the cribs about the Tata nano is
If the public transportation would have been good, this car would not have come on the roads.

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  1. nice article...
    what i hated was Bajaj'g guts.. they make the most polluting autos in the world, yet had the nerve to say to the world.. check this car for pollution.