Monday, January 14, 2008

Transport System

If I have a gun, and if there is no punishment (in india) for killing anyone, then, I will definitely kill those who propose ridiculous decisions on transport system. I don't care punishment that I get in the other world, as long as I don't get any punishment here.

Transport system already has so many problems. To know few problems, you can read it on my blog and on enagar for the posts.

In Bangalore, they are proposing a ridiculous policy.

Bangalore’s traffic cops propose to implement a rule which will allow vehicles ending with odd and even registration numbers, respectively, to ply on alternate days. This means a vehicle owner takes out his/her vehicle on alternate days. The idea is to reduce vehicle volume on roads by at least 30 per cent. Government and public transport system vehicles could be exempted. Apart from providing a reprieve to road users, the new system could reduce pollution and promote extensive use of public transport.

If the transport system is good, nobody would spend so much unnecessarily on their vehicles. Because, the transport system is bad, people are using their own vehicles. Now, if they ban normal vehicles also, I don't know what will happen.

The people who take decisions on these never travel by public transport, and takes ridiculous decisions. If there is a rule that, all the MLAs, and MPs (no exceptions for ministers) have to travel by public transport only, then it will not take more than a day to improve it.


  1. ohh, don't worry.. this policy is never going to get approved..
    and even if it does there would be so many laws, bylaws etc that it won't make any difference...

    PS: thanks for providing a link to enagar.

  2. Nice post. Understand your anger. But, part of me feels, we need something as drastic as that to make people use public transport. For a person who has come from Chennai, like me, I fail to understand, why would people want to drive till electronic city from JP nagar, in bumper-bumper traffic rather than take a bus. However, I do not know how bad/good the bus service as I myself have not used it (see, that is where the problem lies).

  3. People would use public transport, if it is good. If people cannot even get in a bus, then there is no use of forcing anyone to use public transport. I explained this in my previous blog. I use public transport, if I get comfortable standing (not sitting). But, it is very difficult in both bangalore and hyderabad at peak times. There is no need of talking about, travelling with family in public transport at any time at any day. If government provides good transport, then nobody uses their own vehicles. Government is trying to solve the problem in wrong way.

    The political parties have their own politics. If government allows even a small privatization in any organization, opposition parties fight as if they are losing their life. For example, When Chandrababu Naidu (Ex-CM of AP, Telugu Desam Party) tried to privatize many companies, Congress cried like anything, and abused the government for privatization. Now, when Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy (CM of AP, Congress) tried to take private buses in transport, Telugu Desam party is abusing him for allowing privatization in transport. IIM Bangalore committee gave a report on RTC in AP. They suggested to double the no.of buses in Hyderabad. If they have that many less no.of buses, then how can one travel by RTC buses.