Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Finally, I registered tnsatish.com. My blog is moved to blog.tnsatish.com. However, there is no need to change bookmarks, or feeds, because tnsatish.blogspot.com redirects to blog.tnsatish.com.

For the last 10 days, I have been struggling on how to setup this blog on my domain by keeping my old blogs. It is a very simple process. I just need to change the CNAME for blog.tnsatish.com to ghs.google.com. In my blogger, I have to select custom domain and enter blog.tnsatish.com. That's it. My blog is live on blog.tnsatish.com.

It is not possible to use something like www.tnsatish.com/blog for custom domain. We have to use FTP publishing to post blogs. I could not find any simple way to copy all my previous posts to this. So, I changed my blog to blog.tnsatish.com.

The help and documentation of google is so bad that, it took me a long time to understand even these simple things.


  1. Nice that you are using google apps for domains :) You may find configuring it through the dashboard at http://www.google.com/a/ easier.

    So how does this compare with "Windows Live Custom Domains"?

    As for tnsatish.com/blog, you should be able to do that if you control your own web space. You could try nearlyfreespeech.net like I do.

  2. I have tried www.google.com/a. But, I don't need any of those features in my domains as of now. So, not using those.

    The only product from Microsoft that I use outside my office is Windows. That is also because, my ISP does not provide internet in Linux. Other than that, I am not using any microsoft product. So, I cannot comment on "Windows Live Custom Domains".

    I can use tnsatish.com/blog, even with blogger by using "publishing on FTP Server". But, I could not find simple way to copy all my previous blogs. That's why I moved to blog.tnsatish.com.

    BTW, I use most of the services from google. You can see it from my previous post http://blog.tnsatish.com/2007/07/can-i-live-without-google.html.
    Google is a single place where I can do everything. So, I prefer to use yet another service from google, rather than going to a completely different website.

  3. congrats for buying ur own domain :)
    i thought i had send u a congratulatory note earlier

  4. somehow i feel u might like satish@tnsatish.com
    that is the only reason why i use google apps