Monday, January 21, 2008


Mr.X says, "Mr.Y told that Mr.Z is a drunkard".
Mr.X says, "Mr.Z is a drunkard".

Team A and Team B are playing a match. If team A wins, team C will goto next round. If team B wins, then team B will goto next round. Team C capatin told best of luck to team A captain and asked him to win the match. At the end of the match, Team A lost and press conference goes like this.
Journalist (J) : Are you feeling unhappy for losing the match?
Team A Captain (A) : Yeah. But, we played really good.
J: Team C Captain wished that you should win this match.
A: Yeah. Before the match, he gave his wishes to win this match.
J: Because of your loss, Team C is not going to the next round. Will you tell sorry to the team C Captain?
A: (thinking.. Why should I tell sorry, if I have not done anything wrong?) He should depend on his own capabilities to goto next round.

Team A Captain Says "Team C captain should not depend on others to goto next round."

A Journalist (J) is interviewing one Famous Personality (FP) about the Tata Nano.
J: With Tata Nano, Are you facing sleepless nights, because of pollution etc.?
FP: It is not just Nano. No.of cars is increasing everyday, and that is causing me sleepless nights.
J: Tata Nano is very cheap, and many people will buy it, and will it cause increase in the pollution?
FP: The economy level of the country is improved, so many people can afford to buy a car. So, no.of cars is increasing, and it is causing increase in pollution.
J: Because Nano is twice more expensive than a two wheeler, many people will switch from two wheelers to Nano. Will it cause increase in pollution?
FP: Of course, the pollution will increase.

FP says, Nano will cause increase in the pollution.

A Famous personality (FP) said, "Nizam was a good king. Except for the two years when rajakar riots happened, everything else was good. Rajakar riots was not done by Nizam, but by some other person, and Nizam was helpless in that".

News for 3-4 days:
Everybody started criticizing FP for saying Nizam was a good king. The only comment from all the people who criticized was, "FP might have forgotten about rajakar riots. He did not know what all happened during that time."

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  1. actually the Headline
    "check the nano for pollution"
    came from Bajaj... the makers of auto.. the most polluting vehicle on the planet.