Sunday, February 07, 2010

Circus - Dangerous Feats - Should we Encourage or Not?

Today, I went to an exhibition and there was a show. It was a feat with 4 cars and 5 bikes. I did not know what was it about and thought of seeing it once, and attended that.

The place was in a spherical shape, there was a stand on the outer side of the top part of spherical shape for the audience to stand. When the show started, the bikes started and they were riding on the side of the spherical shape. i.e., the bike direction was parallel to the floor. (If a normal person drives the bike, it would be perpendicular to the floor.) When, they were driving the bike, the bike was at a height of 8-15 feet from the floor. 5 bikes simultaneously drove in that way. While driving, they had done all the feats like, taking out the hands from the bike, and holding the hands of the other riders. After some time, few bikes got down, and they had taken cars and drove in the same way. While driving, the car drivers also had done some feats, and one bike rider put his top part of the body on the front side of the car and drove. Overall, it was a great show.

But, I don't want to attend that kind of shows again, and I am going to discourage whoever is planning to attend that kind of shows.

They were driving in very unsafe conditions. They were not wearing helmets, and the car drivers did not have seat belts. (If they are doing feats while driving the car, how can they wear seat belts?). There are no medical facilities in case of any emergency. Eventhough, there is a big private hospital near by, I don't think any of them or the organizers can pay the medical fees in that private hospital. One single small mistake can take their life away. If many people attend this kind of shows, then it would encourage them, and they would do this kind of things more frequently. By that, they would put their life at risk. I don't want to encourage this.

Yesterday, one person that I know of met with an accident, and he is in ICU in unconsciousness state. Had he wore seat belt, he would have escaped with minor injuries. That was another reason, why I strongly wanted to discourage these dangerous feats.

Please wear Helmets and Seat belts (even if you are sitting in back seat), and discourage all the dangerous feats.

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