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Nadendla Bhaskara Rao - 1974-1981

Because of Emergency, Congress party lost badly in the elections in 1977. But, in Andhra Pradesh, it won 41 seats out of 42. The only one that it lost was in Nandyal, and that seat was won by Ex-President of India, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy from Janatha Party (He joined Janatha party in 1975).

Then President of Congress Party, Kaasu Brahmananda Reddy expelled Indira Gandhi from Congress Party citing the reasons that, she was the main reason for the loss in the elections. Then, Indira Gandhi formed Congress (I).

At the same time, Marri Chenna Reddy was thinking of his political future, Whether to start a new regional party or continue with Congress party etc. Nadendla Bhaskara Rao is close to Marri Chenna Reddy, and he insisted that, they should join with Indira Gandhi. Finally, they joined with Indira Gandhi.

In 1978 March, General Elections for A.P. Assembly were conducted. There were three main parties in that elections, Congress, Congress (I) and Janatha Party.

While they were selecting the candidates for the general elections, Paturi Rajagopala Naidu wanted 4 seats for kamma caste in Chittoor district, and brought 4 people. Marri Chenna Reddy asked Nadendla Bhaskara Rao for background verification of those. When Nadendla enquired about them, he got positive response for three and not for one. The only positive feedback that Nadendla got for the last person was, he acts on behalf of Kamma group in Tirupathi University. He was ready to spend Rs.5000 for elections. Marri Chenna Reddy thought, why not give seat to this person, and he gave Chandragiri seat to him. That person is none other than the longest served C.M. of A.P., Nara Chandra Babu Naidu.

There were not that many leaders to support Congress (I) in Krishna district. Chenna Reddy took that as a challenge and he asked Nadendla Bhaskara Rao to contest from Vijayawada - 2 constituency. It would have been easy for Nadendla to contest from Tenali, Duggirala or Vemuru. But, for party, he contested from Vijayawada - 2 and won with a majority of 3114 votes by defeating Bayana Appa Rao of Janatha Party.

Before the elections, Indira Gandhi met Kanchi Mahaswamy at Madanapalli. She asked him the symbol for his party. He blessed her with his right hand, and she took the hand as her party symbol.

In the elections, Congress(I) won with 165 seats, and Chenna Reddy became the Chief Minister. Eventhough, few others wanted to become Chief Minister, still Nadendla and others supported Chenna Reddy, and he took oath on 1978 March 6th.

After that many people tried to influence Chenna Reddy to not make Nadendla as a Minister. They were partially successful and Nadendla became State Minister instead of Cabinet Minister. Nadendla took oath as State Minister on March 10th. After 4-5 months, Chenna Reddy made Nadendla as a Cabinet Minister.

Chenna Reddy wanted to have more M.L.A.s in Congress(I), and he asked Nadendla (Minister of Legislative Affairs) to bring more M.L.A.s to the party. From Kadapa district, M.L.A.s like Siva Reddy, Dr.Ravindra Reddy joined Congress (I). Another M.L.A. of Kadapa district wanted to join Congress(I), but Chenna Reddy was not interested in taking him. After some time, Chenna Reddy took him to his party. That M.L.A. is none other than, Y.S.Raja Sekhara Reddy, the only Congress C.M. served for full assembly term in A.P. It is said that, even Y.S.R. also tried to take M.L.A.s of other parties after he won the elections in 2009.

Indira Gandhi came to A.P. once for meetings at Nagarjuna Sagar. At that time, Nadendla told her that, there was one astrologer who is saying that Indira Gandhi would become P.M. again. If she is interested, he was ready to bring him. Eventhough she did not believe, and did not like it, still she asked him to bring. The astrologer said, she would become P.M. again, and would be imprisoned for 3 days before, and her elder son dies in plane accident. He also said few more things about the fall of the government. Finally, the government fell, and Indira Gandhi was imprisoned for 8 days. Later on, her elder son died in plane accident.

Once Nadendla went to Delhi with Chenna Reddy. Sanjay Gandhi (S/O Indira Gandhi) saw him, and took him to his office. Chenna Reddy was unsatisfied for that, and since then, Chenna Reddy stopped believing Nadendla.

Nadendla explained what happened at the center during that time, most of them is not correct. The following is mentioned in the book.

When Morarji Desai's Government fell, everyone thought Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy would invite Jagjeevan Ram, but, he inivited Charan Singh to form the government. There were rumours that Charan Singh would come to Indira Gandhi to ask for the support. But, due to ego and self respect, he did not ask Indira Gandhi for support. Charan Singh could not face the vote of confidence and elections were conducted.

What happened was, After the fall of Morarji Desai's government, Indira Gandhi told Charan Singh that, she would support him in forming the government. With that support, Charan Singh approached Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, and formed the government. One day before the parliament session, Indira Gandhi told Charan Singh that she would not support him. Charan Singh did not have any other option other than resigning, and he became the only Prime Minister who did not face Parliament even for one day. Later on Jagjeevan Ram approached President that he can form the government. Significant of Janatha Party (including all of Jana Sangh, Present B.J.P.) and M.G.R. was ready to support him, and he has majority support. But, Sanjeeva Reddy did not like it, and called for the elections. That caused disappointment of many, and they wanted to put impeachment on Sanjeeva Reddy, but later on, they dropped that idea. That was the only case in the history of india, where there was proposal on impeachment for the president.

Once Chenna Reddy asked to vacate quarters of Non-M.L.A.s. Nadendla did not know about whom Chenna Reddy said this. Nadendla vacated everyone including P.V.Narasimha Rao. He says, because of that, P.V.Narasimha Rao does not like him, and he took revenge at later point of time.

After some time, Indira Gandhi decided to make Anjaiah as the C.M. of A.P. For that, Nadendla says the following in his own words.

There is no comparison between Chenna Reddy and Anjaiah. Anjaiah does not know what qualifications he needs to have to become C.M. People of the state criticized Anjaiah's government as unqualified government. Even common man made fun of Anjaiah. There were three reasons to make Anjaiah as C.M. First one was, he was a devotee of Sanjay Gandhi. If Anjaiah becomes C.M., Sanjay Gandhi's soul would rest in peace. Second reason was, he belongs to B.C. Third reason was, for six more months, Telangana leader can be C.M. After he became C.M., he thrown one bomb saying that, he was not B.C. His full name was Tanguturi Krishna Reddy. Indira Gandhi disappointed after that. P.V.Narasimha Rao had significant role in making Anjaiah as C.M.

Eventhough Anjaiah did not want to take Nadendla in the Cabinet, High command ordered him to take it to the Cabinet. He gave ministries to everyone who asked for it, and slowly the size of the ministry became 61. Then, high command ordered to reduce the size, he reduced it to 41. Even within 41, he did not like to include Nadendla. Still, he had to include because of high command. After 6 months, one day suddenly Anjaiah asked Nadendla to resign from the Cabinet. Nadendla resigned, and he came to know the reasons later.

One MLA of Krishna district has filed a case against Anjaiah by doing forgery of a villager. When the high court is about to dismiss the petition for having no valid evidence, the lawyer of this MLA asked for one day extension. The same day night, that MLA went to Anjaiah and told him that, this case was filed by Nadendla. He also advised to talk to the judge to dismiss the petition. Finally, the case was dismissed. That was one reason for Anjaiah to remove Nadendla from the Cabinet. Second reason was, an astrologer told Anjaiah that, soon, a fair person from Guntur district will become Chief Minister. Because of those reasons, Anjaiah removed Nadendla from his Cabinet.

After that, Nadendla went and talked to Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi was surprised on the fact that, Nadendla was removed from the Cabinet. She asked to remove the Home Minister Prabhakara Reddy. But, he removed Nadendla. There were other instances, where he became a headache for the high command. High command decided to change the C.M., and made Bhavanam Venkatram as the C.M. After few months, Indira Gandhi was disappointed with him also and made Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy as the fourth C.M. in that term.

From the book Naa Jeevitha Prasthanam (My Life Journey) by Nadendla Bhaskara Rao.

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