Saturday, February 13, 2010

Only the Bottom Level that Always Suffers

There is a sincere person, who tries his best to develop the organization. Unfortunately, he gets a manager whose aim is only destroying the organization. The manager always asks the employee to do corrupt activities. Since, the employee did not want to do that, he resists a lot for that. Within his capacity, he tries his best to save the organization. Because of that, the manager hates him and does everything to make the employee suffer.

After some time, the manager moves out, and a new manager who is very sincere comes in his place. He sees all the corrupted activities done in the organization, and takes disciplinary action against the employee, because, legally/technically the employee is the one who has done everything, and the old manager was just an adviser. The new manager says that, he should have escalated the issue, and rejected the corrupt activities. Since, he had not done that, he has to face the disciplinary action.

The net result is, the employee suffers twice for a single activity. One for being sincere in that activity, and another for being corrupt in the same activity.

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