Sunday, May 16, 2010

Atheist Praying God

An atheist prays the god. "Hey God, I want the power to know where exactly a person is right now. I need this power to follow the girl whom I love whenever she goes for lunch, snacks, or home. If you grant me this power, then I will believe that you exist and I will start worshipping you. Otherwise, I will continue to believe that, you do not exist."

After a few days, his friend comes to know about his interest in following that girl, and gives the following advice.

Install Pidgin and SIPE plugin (replacement for Office Communicator). Add buddy pounces for her, and put alert for any change in her status. With that, you will get an alert whenever she locks her system or signs out etc. If you know her general routine and have her accompanying friends also in the messenger, then it is very easy to predict where is she going, and you can follow her.

The atheist does the same and starts following her regularly. Finally, he says the God, "Hey God, you do not exist. You have not given me any power to find where exactly a person is right now. My friend has given me a technical advice to find out where is she. But, you have not given me anything. So, I don't believe that you exist."

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  1. This anecdote, joke or whatever one wants to call it clearly shows a gross ignorance of atheism, and promotes contempt and prejudice towards those who do not subscribe to millennia-old superstitious beliefs.

    To put it simply, atheism is the lack of belief in the existence of a god or gods. With a that (albeit summarised) definition, the author's 'atheist' is absurdly demanding something from an entity, he by definition doesn't believe exists in the first place! In addition to this flawed premise, the atheist is portrayed as an obsessive stalker with questionable morals and intellect that can somehow choose his belief or non-belief at the drop of a hat. If someone told you that that the moon was made of cheese and invisible cows inhabited the dark-side, would you even have the choice to entertain that notion, let alone believe it?

    To the author: Put aside your prejudice for one second and understand that a person's belief or lack of belief doesn't determine their morality or intellectual capacity. Atheists are your doctors, your pharmacists, your nurses, your veterinarians, your school teachers, your pilots and a myriad other professions that affect your day to day life.

    Why don't you try starting starting a meaningful dialogue with an atheist instead of spewing this hateful crap.