Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cricket Is Our Religion

India is a poor country. India is a developing nation. This is what everyone says about India. But, in one field, other countries say, "Rich countries like India...". That field is none other than Cricket.

If Vishwanathan Anand wins World Championship, or Abhinav Bindra wins Olympic gold model, everyone celebrates. After few days, everyone forgets them and their sports.

If India loses badly in any main Cricket tournament, everyone criticizes our cricket team, throws stones at the houses of Dhoni, Dravid etc. After few days, everyone forgets the defeats and again starts following cricket.

How many people care that, Vishwanathan Anand won Championships of all the main types of Chess, which even Gary Kasparov could not win? Before Vishwanathan Anand, there was only one International Master. Now, we have 64 International Masters, and 21 Grand Masters.

How many people know that, Ramanathan Krishnan reached Wimbledon Semi Finals in 1960 and 1961 with 7th seed both times? He also received 5th seed in 1962. His son Ramesh Krishnan reached Quarter finals of Grandslam tournaments three times. Vijay Amrithraj reached Quarter Finals of Grandslam tournaments four times. But, people remember only Sania Mirza who successfully reached fourth round of one Grandslam.

We should not criticize Cricket or BCCI or anyone else who encourages Cricket for not allowing other sports to grow. Cricket is given very high importance, because, there are many followers to that. If everyone stops watching cricket, then the importance will automatically go down. It is just that, in India, there are more no.of followers of Cricket. So, there is more money, more importance etc. Everyone has their favorite sport, and why should somebody try to influence to change their favorite sport? If people do not change their favorite sport, then Cricket will lead for quite some time.

Cricket is our religion and Sachin is our God.

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