Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Impractical Requirements

If you have constructed a house in less than 150 sq.yards, then there is more than 90% chance that, it does not follow all the rules set by the government for the construction of house. Government specifies that, the house must have some percentage of free space, and it needs to have water harvesting facility. In cities, the houses must have solar water heater. The construction of the house (not for apartments) must be finished in one year. There are many more rules like this. If anything is not satisfied, the official can reject the house plan at the beginning or can impose huge fine after constructing the house.

Similarly, if you have a school, which is not an international school, then it is very rare that, it satisfies all the rules.

Government had set many impractical rules in many fields. If anyone wants to get something done without paying any bribe, then they have to follow all the rules, which are very difficult to follow. So, for most of them, there is no other option other than bribing.

Government does not change those rules, since changing it means, no money for politicians and government employees.

The following Dilbert strip is the inspiration for this post [Got it from Enagar]

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