Saturday, May 22, 2010

Encouraging Honesty

A is getting a favour from B. A assumed few things to help B, where as B is not satisfying those assumptions. B knows the assumptions by A, and also knows that they are not satisfied. If B discloses that, they are not satisfied, then A may not help B. Otherwise, when A comes to know himself/herself, at that time, A may create problem. If B is fine with the problems in the future (or thinks that, they would be solved somehow), then most probably, B would not disclose it.

If A would like to have more information or honest relationships, it would be better if he/she encourages others to disclose those invalid assumptions with the promise that, he/she would continue doing that favour atleast till he/she gets the information from somebody else.

This kind of situations happen regularly in case of big events. At that time, it is better to maintain the honest relationship rather than hiding few facts.

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