Friday, May 07, 2010

Kasab - What Next?

In the last 15 months, Government had spent more than Rs.35 crore on Kasab. At last, Court has given him Capital Punishment. Now, how long does it take to hang him?

It depends on how long Kasab wants to prolong it. Let's assume that, he wants to prolong as much as he can, then the procedure is the following.

For Capital Punishment, approval from the High court is mandatory. Kasab can appeal in the high court, and can extend the trail for few more months/years [Since his case his special, I hope it would be done in months only, and not in years]. If the High court approves the sessions court, he can appeal in the Supreme court and he can extend it for few more months/years. If the Supreme court also approves the capital punishment, he can appeal to the special court. If the special court also approves it, then he can appeal to the President. The President will forward the request to the Union Ministry and asks for the recommendation. Once the President receives the recommendations from the Union Ministry, the president will take the decision on that. Once that is also approved, Kasab would be hanged. On a side note, Afzal Guru was given the capital punishment for conspiracy on the attack on Parliament. His appeal has been in the pending state at the Union Ministry for the last 5 years. Only after the Union Government sends its comments to the President, the President can take an action.

Another story of a bollywood actor.

One famous hero of bollywood was involved in a serious issue in 1993. When he was arrested, he immediately applied for bail. Then, this is what happened/is going to happen.

For each Court in (Two courts which are below high court, High Court, Supreme Court)
      Apply for the bail in this court.
      Since he is not proven guilty [Since the trail is still going on], the bail would be granted.
      Drag the trail for minimum 5 years.
      At the end of the trail, the court would give some punishment.
      As soon as the punishment is given, he would be taken to jail.
      Immediately, file an interim bail petition till he receives the judgment copy. It may take anywhere from one week to two months.
      Once he gets the judgment copy, he would be again taken to jail.
      Appeal in the above court.

If he gets a good lawyer, the above procedure easily takes 20 years, and the person will stay in the jail at max a month or two. By the end of all the trails at all the courts, if that person crosses 60 years, file another appeal that, since he is too old and not healthy, reduce the punishment.

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