Monday, July 21, 2008

Bittorrent Client

If anyone know what is a bittorrent, most probably, they would also know azureus. Azureus is a popular bittorrent client, and can download the files efficiently. It has it's own algorithm to download/upload the files. That works efficiently most of the time, but fails miserably in few cases.

For the last 10 days, I have been trying to download one file with azureus. I put that file as priority one, and allowed multiple downloads at the same time. Eventhough there is one seed available, and the file is at position one, still it was not downloading that file, but downloading other files which have less priority and more peers. I tried different combinations, but still it did not work.

Compiling azureus code was very difficult for me, eventhough it was in java. I could not find any other simple open source java client to debug the code. Then, I realized that, I just need to download the file, and if I can install one very basic bittorrent client, then it can easily download the file, because a seed is available for this file. With my ubuntu linux, I got Transmission Bittorrent Client. It is a very simple client. I used that to download the file, and it happily downloaded without any problems.

Sometimes very simple applications are much much better than the most complex applications.

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