Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mindless Politicians

Everyone knows that atleast 90% of the politicians do not have mind or common-sense. One mindless thing about the politician Somnath Chatterjee.

The present UPA government wanted to go ahead with Nuclear deal, but Communists does not like that, and they withdrew the support. Trust vote would be held on July 22nd. As expected, BJP and it's alliance parties will vote against UPA government. The speaker Somnath Chatterjee (Communist party) does not like BJP, and he does not want to vote with BJP. He says, how can he vote with BJP, when he is opposing them? That's why either he wants to continue as the Speaker, or not vote at all.

Does he have mind? (Of course, he does not have.) If he likes UPA, he should vote for UPA, otherwise he should vote against UPA. That's it. How does it matter to him, whether some other random person is voting for or against UPA? If he is in that mind, and if he does not like two people of opposite sides, he can never vote for anyone in any voting. People did not elect him to sit Idle. If people also think like him only, he would not have become MP in the first place.

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