Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reservations in India

Kinds of Reservations we have in India.

  1. Reservations based on Caste. (SC/ST/OBC)
  2. Reservations based on Religion. For example, Christian Minority Colleges, and Muslim Minority Colleges takes students only from their religion.
  3. Reservations based on Location. For example, in Andhra Pradesh, there are three areas, Coastal, Rayalaseema, and Telangana. All the Engineering colleges have reservations for each area. If somebody is from a location, where there is no better rank, then, he/she would get whatever seat he/she wanted irrespective of the rank. In Maharashtra, Junior Colleges have 70% reservations for the local candidates in the same district. Many states have this kind of reservations, but, the size of the location varies (district, or one third of the state, or the entire state etc.) There are also reservations based on whether one lived in rural area or urban area.
  4. Reservations based on Sex. (33% reservations for ladies).
  5. Reservations based on the Medium they studied. Karnataka has this kind of reservations where they prefer people who studied in Kannada Medium.
  6. Reservations for NRIs.
  7. Reservations for Anglo-Indians
  8. Reservations for Children of Political Sufferers.
  9. Reservations for Children of Ex-Servicemen.
  10. Reservations for Children of Defence Personnel.
  11. Reservations for Government of India Nominees.
  12. Reservations for Migrants from Jammu & Kasmir.
  13. Reservations for Linguistic Minority
  14. Reservations for Physcially Handicapped
  15. Reservations for NCC.
  16. Reservations for Sports

These are the reservations that I know. Are there any more reservations in our SECULAR India? Few people are suggesting to have reservations for scientists to send to space, and sports etc. But, there are already reservations for the scientists posts in BARC, ISRO, and DRDO. If Arjun Singh gets the portfolio of Sports, he will not mind introducing reservations in sports except cricket. Because, anyway, nobody cares about other sports. So, he can start reservations in other sports, then he can slowly bring the reservations to Cricket as well, with the inspiration from South Africa Cricket team. It is not a very difficult thing for great minds like Arjun Singh.

Except in defence, and law, every government company/organization has reservations atleast based on Caste. I would like to introduce one more reservation.

Eventhough there are reservations for Medicine, the under-privileged doctors (Read it as those who fall in the above categories) are not getting the recognition they deserve. Now, they should introduce all the above reservations in treating all the politicians. If there are 100 operations performed on politicians, then 15 operations should be done by SCs, 7 should be done by STs, and so on. Among those 15 SC doctors, they should give equal importance to all the regions of the district/state/country. Like this, all the reservations should be applied for all the doctors to treat politicians for all kinds of treatments from operations to normal consultancy. If any politician violates these reservations, then we should use the Act introduced by Indira Gandhi and arrest them with the non-bailable warrant for discriminating SC/STs. Actually, we need to have these kind of reservations so that, the under-privileged people also will get enough opportunities. I strongly recommend our government to introudce this reservation as soon as possible.

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  1. Thanks for your visit my blog..True, doctors who have got degrees by taking the reservation should operate on politicians.
    Another thing I do not like is that even if you used reservations to gain admission to colleges you again use quota to get promotions. One should get opportunities once or twice not every time.