Monday, July 28, 2008

We get what we deserve

Almost everyone says, our politicians are very corrupted, and this country will not develop.

How many of them voted?
Most of the time, it is less than 65%. In younger generation, it is even less.

How many of them voted for a genuine person?
Very less. But, still there are few people. That's why we still have few good MPs and MLAs.

In villages and small towns, will they vote without taking money?
No. They will not.

Will they come to politics and try to change the country?
No. They will not.

If anyone in their family is interested in coming to politics, will they accept it?
No. They will not.

If their neighbor comes to politics, will they accept it?

Will they vote for that person?
It depends. If the location is a town or village, it depends on caste and religion, and whether he/she gives any money to them or not. If the location is a city, it depends on how much help he/she will do to them.

Will they stop telling about the great freedom fighters, old politicians to their children and grand children?
No. They will not.

But, still they crib that these politicians are corrupted and india will not change.

The same thing can be applied to Scientists, and Spiritual leaders. They want their children to become Software Engineers, or take up any other job which pays more than that, and go to US. But, they will not be interested, if their child goes for research and gets 1/10th of the pay. They go to Spiritual Leaders and take their blessings, but, they will not agree in any circumstances, if their child wants to become a monk or spend full time in Spiritual activities.

It is true that, Everyone gets what they deserve.

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