Friday, July 18, 2008

Protocol for the Prime Minister

If any VIP violates any protocol, or if any VIP had not got enough respect he/she should get according to the protocol, on the next day, there will be a clear mention of the violation of protocol in all the news papers, Except in case of our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and Sonia Gandhi.

It is not once or twice, but uncountable no.of times, protocol is violated in case of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and the respect that PM should get is given to Sonia Gandhi eventhough she is just an MP.

When Sonia Gandhi came from foreign trip, Manmohan Singh went to airport to receive her. According to the protocol, Prime Minister should goto airport only if the president is going to/coming from foreign. He should not go for any one else. Even if the president of USA comes, only Foreign Minister receives, and PM should not go. But, PM went to airport to receive Sonia Gandhi.

Hyderabad Airport was inaugurated by Sonia Gandhi. If our President and PM are busy, then, if they open with CM or governor of the state, it would have been very good. It is shame to tell that the world class airport was opened by an MP.

Yesterday Sonia Gandhi came to Andhra Pradesh. For her trip, 2000 RTC buses were redirected to gather people for her meetings. This kind of things are not done even for PM.

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is responsible for sending the name of the special guest to Olympic committee, so that Olympic Committee can invite the special guest. IOA president Suresh Kalmadi sent Sonia Gandhi's name instead of President or PM.

Of course there were uncountable violations. It is difficult to list all those.

I wrote this post after seeing two violations in a single day. Cannot those politicians give even some basic respect to the Prime Minister's position?


  1. >>It is shame to tell that the world class airport was opened by an MP.

    It is shame to read such comment. Why it has to be a PM or President and not any other tax-payer, an architect, a scientist, a Bharat Ratn recipient, or someone working for a NGO?

  2. Around a year back, common people (not even tax payers) inaugurated a flyover. That was one good change that I liked very much.

    What I meant was, many politicians want to inaugurate with a big personality in high position. But, it would have been good, if they open it with a person who is in constitutionally high position.